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Over the years, our team at CLT India has developed an expertise which we are ready to deploy across India and in other developing countries. By examining every obstacle standing in the way of achieving our goals, and finding appropriate solutions to each one, we have not only developed a particular expertise, but a process which is scalable and adaptable to other contexts.

Through the many iterations of our educational offerings, we are able now to do a thorough assessment and analysis of any particular context, identify the obstacles to attaining the desired goals, and partner with teachers, school administrators and other local authorities, as well as corporate sponsors to offer customized solutions. Once we have understood the context, we can offer end-to-end solutions that are sustainable within each environment because they are based on deep partnerships with local experts.


In an age where technology is constantly blurring the lines in the way knowledge and information flow across continents and between individuals, there are still areas where learning is a real challenge. Whether due to lack of basic infrastructure, qualified teachers or internet access, underserved communities across India and in other developing countries are being left behind in this new digital age.

CLT’s mission is to give opportunities for underserved communities so they may achieve their potential in a ‘connected world’. We have articulated and demonstrated the viability and improved outcomes of our learning solutions. Through our customized use of ICT’s in education, we are reaching many more children in a more direct, impactful and sustainable ways than ever before.

We invite you to reach out to our international offices for information on how you or your organization can connect, contribute and support CLT’s goal.


CLT has a presence in the US to facilitate sponsorship opportunities for children in India.

CLT International Foundation is a registered charity in the US with 501(c)(3) status. Your generous contributions are therefore tax deductible.


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